Visitor Information

Would you like to visit the school?

External Agencies Visitors to school request form

If you are an external agency worker and you would like to visit the school please can you complete the request form above detailing the purpose of your visit.  This is for safeguarding reasons as well as to ensure effective communication between both parties.

If you are arriving by car, please use the visitor car park.

Please also bring with you photo ID and your latest Enhanced DBS/Disclosure certificate, otherwise you may not be allowed to have access to our pupils.

Signing in & lanyards

It is important that we know who is on-site at all times. All visitors are required to sign in using our digital system. This system will take your full name, company name (if applicable), and your photo. We will also take contact details for NHS Track & Trace. 

Once complete, a single-use ID badge will be printed for you and placed into a lanyard. This ID and lanyard MUST be worn at all times whilst on the school site. 

Red Lanyard – You must be accompanied by a member of staff at all times and you will be challenged if you are not accompanied.

Blue Lanyard – You may carry out your duties as required without being accompanied by a member of staff. 


Sheila Holden

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Trish Baker

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Holly Townsend

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

You must report any concerns to one of the designated safeguarding leads. 

Whilst on our school site we ask that you do not use your mobile phone at any point. If you need to use your mobile phone please speak to a member of staff and they will direct you to a suitable location in the school.

Health & Safety

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the school buildings or within a 50 metre area of the school site.

Upon hearing the fire alarm, visitors should follow instructions from the member of staff that they are with and if instructed assist in the evacuation of pupils. The evacuation area is on the Key Stage 4 playground.