Online Safety

We recognise that whilst developing technology brings many opportunities, it also brings risks and potential dangers. The impact that technology is having on the lives of all citizens increases year on year. This is probably even more true for children/young people, who are generally much more open to developing technologies than many adults. Technology continues to transform the way that schools teach, and children learn. At home, technology is continually changing the way children live and the activities in which they choose to partake. Supporting children to recognise the risks and to have the knowledge and skills to keep safe online must therefore be a shared responsibility between families and school.

Through training and regular updates to staff, we aim to keep up to date with new technologies and the associated risks. There is a wealth of information available to support parents and carers, that school can signpost to, so please contact school if you require this.

As a school we subscribe to the National Online Safety portal which provides all staff, parents and carers with access to a wide range of training resources and webinars. If you would like to access this, please contact the school office who can provide information about how to create your account.

If you would like to see our Online Safety policy, please refer to the ‘Statutory Information’ section of this website (policies and Documents).