Guidance for parents & carers

General Guidance

We recognise the importance of early intervention to avoid situations escalating. We hope that parents/carers feel confident and comfortable to speak to members of staff and urge them to do so as soon as a concern arises or a need is identified. Within school, there is a wealth of expertise amongst the staff team that can be utilised. Please refer to the school’s Early Help offer which lists the range of support that can be accessed from within school. Where the support required is beyond the expertise of school staff or where a multi-agency approach would be beneficial, school will liaise to involve the necessary services/ organisations.

In line with good practice in safeguarding, schools are expected to actively seek to understand the lived experiences of pupils. Pupils are taught to recognise who trusted adults are and encouraged to tell a trusted adult if there is anything they are worried about. To equip pupils with the vocabulary to be able to communicate any worries, Pitcheroak uses the So Safe programme and materials. This encompasses a set of tools to encourage social safety by providing a simplified and rule governed model that teaches the type and degree of verbal and physical intimacy appropriate within relationships with different categories of people.

Safeguarding is embedded within the Pitcheroak curriculum and delivered as part of a progressive continuum that is also adapted in order to address individual pupil needs as required. Details of coverage across Key Stages can be found in the ‘Curriculum’ section of this website.