Policies & Documents


Early Years Handbook

16 19 Bursary Policy 

Acceptable Use Policy 

Aims, Values & Ethos of the School

Alcohol, Drug and Substance Use Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Bullying (Pupil friendly version)

Assessment, Recording, & Reporting Policy

Assets & Disposal Policy

Being a new Governor at Pitcheroak School

Bereavement Policy

Business Continuity Plan

Call monitoring

Careers Strategy

Careers Strategy

CCTV Procedures (November 2022) CLPT

Children Missing Education

Code of Conduct for Governors

Code of Conduct for staff – Working in Worcestershire Schools

Code of practice on the English language requirement for public sector workers

Collective worship Policy

Community Cohesion

Contingency Plan for Examinations

Continuing Professional Development policy

Designated teacher for LAC or P-LAC

Designated teacher for LAC or P-LAC DfE Guidance

Dignity at Work Policy (November 2022) CLPT

Dress Code Policy for staff

Early Help Offer

Educational Off-Site Visits Policy

Elective Home Education

Exams, Appeals & Malpractice Policy

External Agencies Visitors to School Guidance

Fair Access Protocol

Fairness and Dignity Policy

Finance & Procedures including best value statement Policy

FLC Kitchen Personal Hygiene Policy

Flexible Working Policy (November 2022) CLPT

Food Policy

Freedom of Information

Governor Handbook (DfE) Published Oct 2020

Governors Visits Protocol

Grievance Resolution Policy

Guidance for safer working practices for those working with CYP in educational settings

Home school agreement

Home Visits Guidance

Homework Policy

Internal Moderation Policy

International Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Learning walks guidelines

Leave of Absence Guidelines for staff

Local Offer

Lockdown Procedures in the event of an emergency

Lone Worker Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Management of Staff Attendance Procedure (November 2022) CLPT

Managing Redundancy Situations in Schools

Managing Unsatisfactory Performance Support Staff

Managing violence & aggressive pupils

Marking Policy

Marking Poster

Maternity Policy (November 2022) CLPT

Mental Health & Behaviour in Schools (DfE)

Minibus and People Carrier Policy

New Governor Handbook 

Normal and Emergency operating procedures (Swimming)

Online Safety Policy

Positive Handling, PI, Care & Control & the Use of Force Policy

Probation – Policy & Procedure, Support Staff in schools

Pupil Voice Policy

Race Equality Policy

Radicalisation and Extremism Risk assessment 

Recruitment and Selection Guidance

Remote Learning Policy

Revised prevent duty guidance for England and Wales

Safe Touch Policy

Safeguarding Advice for Volunteers & Regular Visitors

Safe Working Practice for Staff in Education Settings – leaflet 

School Records Management Policy

Self Harm Policy

Serial & unreasonable complaints Policy

Sickness Absence Management Policy

Sickness Absence Management Procedure

Social Media Policy

Staff Well being Policy

Subject Curriculum Monitoring Policy 

Suspension of Employees

Swimming Policy

Teaching Assistants Career Structure

Teaching Online Safety in School

Term Time leave of absence for pupils 

TLR guidance 

Transgender Policy

Uniform Grant Policy

Uniform Policy

Virtual Meetings Attendance (Sept 2022) CLPT

Volunteer Policy & Agreement

What to do if you’re worried a child is being abused

Whistle Blowing Policy

Work Experience Policy

Working in Worcestershire Schools including Code of Conduct

Working together to safeguard children