School Nursing

Special School Nurses support children, families and education staff through competencies in Paediatrics, Learning Disabilities and Public School Health Nursing. Our School Nurse works Tuesdays and Wednesdays and alternate Fridays every week at our school.  Services provided by Special School Nurses may include:

  • Routine Health Surveillance and health promotion in Special Schools, contributing to the Healthy Schools agenda.
  • Care planning and supporting clinical assessments and interventions in school for individual children.
  • Health intervention training for education staff, in skills required to meet child’s needs (such as epilepsy care and administering medications)
  • Advice and assistance in responding to first aid/emergency situations.
  • Annual health reviews for all children and Looked After Child reviews.
  • Promoting continence/providing continence support, with six monthly re-assessments.
  • Sexual health and staying safe for vulnerable young people.
  • Behavioural management support and Parenting Programmes.
  • Support transition to adult services.

Sam Jauncey

School Nurse